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Pinnacle Reviews for August 2017

She did improve there. They kept her clean, fed her good, and she got stronger.
Husband of Resident

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I appreciate the care that has been given to her. Anytime there is something going on with her, they let me know immediately. If I have a question, they provide me with answers. The staff is good from what I have seen. They do address your concerns immediately. If there is a problem I haven’t gone to anyone that couldn’t address my concerns. They will listen to your concerns and help rectify them. When she has therapy they were good. They were able to give her some range of motion and tell me what she could and could not do.
Son of Resident

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I would recommend them. I would say they do take care of you. If you have any concerns they will look into it and give you suggestions and you can help decide if it will work for your patient or not and if they can handle it or not. Right now, they are very good.
Mother of Resident

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The people there, the workers and staff members are very good. They are excellent and I have no problems with any of them there. The only one that I have talked to is Gary and I have called him too about my mom.
Daughter of Resident

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Pinnacle Reviews for June 2017

“They were chosen because they are clean and the staff are very friendly and down to earth. When I did a walk through, it seemed that the residents were happy to see the staff members. The staff were always interacting with the residents, which I really liked. The director and the head of the CNAs have been very helpful and friendly. Anything that comes up, they will stop what they are doing and talk with me, if I need them. I have had my father there over a year and it has been a blessing for the both of us. The medical needs that he has and the care that he gets are most important. I struggled with his dietary and medication needs. He would fight with me to take them, and I don’t trust him to take them by himself. Even with his dementia, he is letting them help him. It has been a Godsend to have them there for him when I couldn’t be.”
Daughter of Resident

“I appreciate the personal care and the extra mile they go for (the resident). I’d recognize the lady nurse that is taking care of (the resident). It’s a pleasant place to be; it’s almost like a home feeling.”

“I value his cleanliness, that he eats, that he is not in pain, and that they let me know about all of it. I appreciate the staff for letting me know.”
Spouse of Resident

Pinnacle Reviews for March 2017

“Sebos was better than the hospital. The director was nice and helpful. They were all great and would say hello and made you feel comfortable there. I can’t say enough good things about Sebos.”
Spouse of Resident

“I have recommended them to my mother-in-law who is now there.You have to go, it is the best place to go.”
Daughter of Resident

“I would tell them basically what I have told you. I have checked out other nursing homes and even have volunteered at other facilities, and the other facilities are not near as good as Sebos is.”
Father of Resident

“I think they have excellent care and excellent employees that care.”
Son of Resident


Pinnacle Reviews for February 2017

“I would recommend them. I would tell them the nurses are friendly, the rooms are clean, and it’s a friendly facility.”
Spouse of Resident

“I love them. If there is anything that happens, 24/7, they will call me. They take good care of her. I have never seen a nursing home like Sebos. We have meetings and they keep me informed about her. The supervisor goes and sees her even when she was in the hospital. All the nurses have taken good care of her and love her. Really, everybody is good. In a month’s time, I have never seen anything being served the same, the includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. No, they are doing it. If I could give a rating for them I would give them a 110% rating.”
Sister of Resident

“I appreciate the personalized attention and care for each patient, attending to their needs immediately and marks on their cards.” “They even arrange for an ambulance to pick her up for hospital or doctor appointment and I just meet them there. Also, if I have any billing needs or I am not sure about something, they will assist me in getting things worked out or understood. I would give that a five plus.”
Spouse of Resident

“I would highly recommend them. It’s an excellent facility. I would tell them to check into it and do a walk through and they will see it’s the best possible care facility anywhere.” “Two years ago, when she first went there, I was there every other day. She would go to therapy and the program was designed to fit each individual patient. As she began to deteriorate, they came to her to help her with different skills. They have a very good program.”
Spouse of Resident

Pinnacle Reviews for January 2017


“I would recommend them. They are a clean facility. The staff seems to care about the patients. I know and recognize the staff, and they know and recognize us. The nurse will be able to tell us if she is having a good day or a bad day when we walk in there.”

“I have already recommended them. They are very accommodating. They seem genuinely to care about their patients. It doesn’t take long for them to respond to his needs, and I feel good about him being there.”

“I have been very satisfied with their services there. Everyone in the staff is good. The place is well-run.”

“I would recommend them. It’s a great place to put a loved one into for care.”

“The staff care about the patients. They make sure they give the best care they can give. All the other staff, from the housekeeping to all the others, are just so great.”

“It is a very good place. It’s nice and clean. I love Sebo’s.”


Pinnacle Reviews for December 2016


“I appreciate the nurses and that they call me if anything is going on that I need to be aware of.”

“I appreciate all the staff and the administration; they are very easy to talk too. They are caring, understanding, and patient. They take good care of my mother. I can go into the office to ask questions or I can call them. They are friendly.”

“I appreciate a lot. When we were growing up, it was said that it took a village to raise a family, and my mom has a village at Sebos with all of the staff from the front door to the back door. The staff is amazing there.”

“Not that I can think of right off the top of my head. They have great programs dedicated for memory patients, those with Alzheimer or severe dementia. They watch them closely and have safety guards in place. I have no complaints.”

“They pay attention to the details. Small changes can make a difference and are very important to me. They are on top of things, and I am very happy with them.”