3 male friends having a conversation outside at a park

“I do recommend them to others. It is spotless and there are no uncomfortable smells. I don’t see a mess anywhere and if someone needs to be changed, they do it right away.”

“I think they are extremely clean. Everyone is available when you need them. He is taken care of and it is a perfect fit for us. I can’t remember names very well. Stefanie who works the breakfast shift. They are very smiley and happy and take care of everyone quite well.”

“I would rate them very good. They seem to be right on the ball.”

“I appreciate a lot of the things there. I like it there. They make sure they have things to do and are not just sitting in the hallways.”

“It is a great place to have your loved one. They will take good care of them.”

“I appreciate the quality of care they give there. They are concerned about the well being of the patients there. I appreciate all the ones that care for her but I can’t remember their names. The staff are all great that take care of her.”

“They took good care of her. They all did a good job.”

“Everyone says hello and they talk to us and welcome us.”

“It is very clean and looks very nice and things are arranged very nicely. Yesterday, they were buffing the floors and that makes them look really nice.”

“They have done a good job on remodeling and it’s clean.”

“When I walked into Sebo’s for the first time, I loved their little birdies. We are animal lovers.”

“My mom talks highly of Sebos.  She liked the birds.  She liked the activities there.  I can’t remember individual names, but she spoke positively about everyone there.”
– TF

“I appreciate everything.  They are beautiful over there.  They take such good care of my brother, and I would move him if they weren’t.  I don’t know all of their names, but I know them by sight.  The wound care nurse is good.  I value that he has been kept comfortable and pain free.  He has stage four cancer, and I know he is going to die eventually.  They are all right there for him and they are all wonderful.”
– LO

“I think it’s awesome that you got your PT’s to the parade on the 4th! I don’t know anyone else who could have done that, you’re the best! Your patients are blessed to have such a caring person looking after them!”
– Appreciatively, Keith S., DPM

“Thank you for your support and kindness during this difficult time.”
– With heartfelt gratitude, The Barraza & Alderete Families

“It’s lovely to have good memories of your kindness to Emil for over 2 1/2 years. He had the best care possible from understanding and loving helpers.”

“Thanks so much for remembering him with the beautiful arrangement of roses, gladiolas, snapdragons, and greenery. It was sweet of Margaraet to represent you all at the funeral.”
– Fondly, Evelyn Miller

“Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and kindness. I will never forget the wonderful care my mother received while in your nursing care facility. The bouquet of flowers is simply beautiful.”
– As always, Charlotte Meek

“Thank you all for the four years you tended to the needs of my father-in-law, Howard Criner. He could be very difficult much of the time but you gave him grace, kindness, and good care. He felt safe there and I know he loved you all. Thank you for sending the flowers for the funeral. It was a lovely funeral and all of his kids were there. We had a good attendance and Howard would have been proud and pleased. Hope to stop in from time to time. Special thanks to those that attended to Howard on a regular basis!”
– Love & Blessings, The Criner family

“Thank you for all the care and kindness and tender thoughts to my mother and family. The flowers were so special and cute, a really neat thing to do at this time.”
– Thanks again for everything, Love Andy Garner

“I just wanted to thank you for the lovely flowers you sent to me in sympathy for the loss of my grandma, Zeferina. She would have loved them too. And thanks to all of you who cared for my grandma. You made the last few years of her life comfortable when she could no longer care for herself.”
– Love Adria

“I know my dad is kept clean and I don’t see any bruises on him.  I check because I know sometimes things like that happen.  There is an activity person that does a good job. My dad is well and they are patient with him, they work with him to keep him walking and make sure that he is eating correctly. Those are the things that are important to me, and those are things that Sebo’s does well.”
– MM

“I have compared Sebo’s to other facilities, it seems they are pretty good.  I appreciate the staff.  It is important to me that she is taken care of and is happy.  The team at Sebo’s keeps her as happy as she can be at this point.”
– GH

“I appreciate the care they give her.  Diane the nurse on her unit, Kimberly the director, and the front desk receptionist are always there and available to help.”
 – DB

“My husband lived at Sebo’s for 6 years.  Sebo’s was the only facility that was willing to accept him.  I got so used t0 the facility and the staff that it felt more like family.  His nurses were very nice. ”
– MH

“To be honest, placing my brother at Sebo’s was a last minute thing.  The nursing home he was in before Sebo’s was about to close and we needed to find some place for him to live.  I’m glad we chose them.  They seemed to be kind and caring.  I live out of state and could not visit as much as I would have liked to.  The staff knew communication was important to me so they made sure it was important to them.  They were very caring people.  When my brother passed away a lot of staff attended his funeral.  They took good care of him.”
– RV